2PM & Jay Park


Here are some responses from my recent post about 2PM attending Jay Park’s event and after party:

Of course I crossed out the names so people doesn’t bash at each other on anon.
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jaypark5 napisał(a): share 10 facts about yourself and then pass this onto 10 of your followers :)

1. Im going to Jay Park’s concert in Berlin

2. My cat’s name is Jay

3. I dont really like kpop fandom

4. Im almost 22 years old

5. Im a student of vietnamese language

6. Im addicted to cigaretes, alkohol and coffee

7. Im totally in love with Rihanna

8. I can spend all day on tumblr

9. I had a lot of piercing, now i have only one

10. A number of american TV series watched by me is huge

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